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Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

How The Process Works

First we drain the water about 4-6″ below the tile.We use a high-powered pressure washer with a mineral called Kieserite. This is a Hydrous Sulfate of Magnesia found at the salt mines of Germany. The calcium buildup is destroyed, leaving the tile surface beautiful again but without damage. The Kieserite settles to the bottom of the pool, where it is vacuumed out leaving the pool and spa area crystal clean and ready to swim in!! The whole procedure you will find to be quick and very inexpensive when weighing out the alternatives. Spend hours and days removing the buildup by hand with a pumice stone (which causes damage to the tile), or use harsh chemicals which changes the balance of your pool water (unsafe to swim in), or replace the tile (which can be costly), or call Splash Zone Pool Tile Cleaning.

Kieserite Blasting Has No Equal

This process removes a variety of contaminates such as calcium scale, suntan lotions, body oils and dirt accumulations without harming the underlying surface, as glass beads often do. This blast material (kieserite) is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-hazardous material that is completely environmentally safe. Kieserite is PH neutral so it will not affect your pools water chemistry and will not damage or kill vegetation around the pool.


Surfaces We Can Clean

Because of the non-destructive abrasive effect of Kieserite Blasting, either hard or soft masonry or stone surfaces can be easily cleaned in a matter of minutes. Your tile is silky soft to the touch and has a shiny new polished appearance after we clean it.The media is totally safe for your yard, flowers or plants.

We clean the following surfaces: Pool Tile, natural rock, artificial rock, waterfalls and fountains. If you have any questions about any of these surfaces, or any others, feel free to ask!

Contact Splash Zone pools today for your free tile/surface cleaning estimate.

At Splash Zone, we handle all kinds of tile cleaning in various surfaces like:

  • natural rock
  • pool tile
  • artificial rock
  • fountains
  • waterfalls

Should you like to ask some questions with regards to any of the surfaces we cover or if you happen to have another tile cleaning-related concerns and issues, we are always happy to answer your questions and we are more than willing to provide you the best possible solution to your pool needs. Allow us to help you today!

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Client Testimonials

  • Randy, Arthur and the crew over at Splash Zone made our pool building experience a breeze. Great communication, fantastic design and workmanship. And without a few weather delays would have been done in record time. We will definitely recommend them to family and friends.

    Chase P. – Katy, TX
  • I have been using Splash Zone Pool Company for several years and have been very happy with their service. They are very honest about any work that needs to be done and their prices are very good. They are always on time for an appointment and the service people are very knowledgeable of the business. I do not think you could find a better pool company in Houston.

    Billy S. – Sugar Land, TX
  • We cannot say enough about how happy we are with our new pool and how impressed we were with the building experience. We had heard horror stories about how long it takes to have a pool built and our experience with Splash Zone was exactly the opposite. Our pool was completed ahead of schedule and it is absolutely beautiful. We recommend Splash Zone to anyone that is looking to build a new pool.

    Nicole R. – Cypress, TX
  • After evaluating three pool designers, we selected Splash Zone for a number of reasons. They helped us understand the entire pool building process which helped us with our expectations. There were no surprises other than the pool was completed ahead of schedule. We couldn’t be more pleased. Splash Zone also maintains our pool. Other pool designers walk away after the pool is built. Splash Zone totally

    Mike and Gloria – Richmond, TX
  • DeAnna B. – Pearland, TX

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